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I'm  a Caribbean based blogger & marketing exec by day who enjoys monthly spa sessions, flowers that will spoil quickly, having fun cooking while playing café jazz in the background & a Francophile restarting her language journey. As an advocate for good living,  my Talent: I create easy-to-implement tools, guides and resources, to help you create a chic & successful life. Embark on a journey that will empower you to unleash your full potential and curate a life of purpose and fulfillment.

This online space is to inspire you to create a beautiful life beyond burnout, fear, and confusion. I share helpful posts on balancing & beautifying life through focused topics on everyday wellness, timeless style, intentional living. Join me on the journey to empowering and guiding modern women to find balance, beauty, and success in both their personal lives and careers.

Francophile = 9-5er - blogger.

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You have a vision, but the pain and depletion seem to always lead the way. Which keeps you feeling stuck, forgotten, and what feels like torture.

You're hiding in your behind your dreams instead of activating them. You're accepting mediocrity in relationships, work & your self care. You have an ugly relationship with money & holding unto pennies for fear that you will suffer financially. And you're sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching whilst going to bed every night wondering what if?

What if you could create a better life for yourself? What if you no longer discounted your rates? What if you dared to be available for more wealth, health, happiness, and freedom in your life?

You want newness. Open a new chapter. But fear overwhelms every time you choose to take a step forward because it's been your blueprint for decades. 

Here, you will not only receive inspiration but effective guidance & tools to unlock your new life and your new world.

Here you will feel supported on your course of connecting the gap between where you are now & where you want to be, without pressure.

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your journey up until this point might have not been the best...BUR

I'm Menellia, Lifestyle enthusiast & the founder of The Graceful Pursuit!

our BIG PICTURE GOAL is to help 1000 Caribbean women embrace more intention & elegance in Their lives, & the pursuit of  Their goals by December 2024! Are you one of them? 

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Ready to Level Up The Way You’re Showing Up In Life?

Musing on living your most authentic life in the simplest ways possible post burn out, stress and confusion. 

Dive into step by step guides and tips to help you bypass time wasters, procrastination & overwhelm post burnout.

Everything I do stems from mastering my mind & through personal style journals & video centric content, explore breaking limiting, beliefs, habits & surroundings for courage & confidence in creating the life you want.




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Are you a woman on a journey of self-transformation or reinventing yourself? In a world that often tries to define us, don’t you think there is immense power in taking control of our narrative? Since social spaces are a gateway to connecting with others, creating a personal brand should be a powerful tool to leverage.

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become a confident woman habits of an elegant woman
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The life you create starts with the mindset and person you are. Find easy conversations on developing your success mindset, and habits, and improving yourself.

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become a confident woman habits of an elegant woman

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