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2 Mindset Lessons That Changed My Life!

May 10

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2 Mindset Lessons That Changed My Life!Looking back at the last 7 years the most challenging and I want to share with you 2 mindset lessons That changed my life! They might help your level up.

I practiced controlling my mindset and curbing my limiting beliefs. And that was where everything actually turned out awesome for me.

I became a contributor to the online platform The Huffington Post, I became a regular contributor to a local print lifestyle magazine “dazzle”, and I worked with more brands on my then style blog Nothing But Velvet, I leveled up my passion project “inspiring women through content”.

And I worked with budding and thriving online entrepreneurs, I went to Paris for the second time and met some amazing people, and I thrived at my job.

What happened? I learned how to think and feel differently. And I actively practiced improving it. Growing it, molding it into a shape that will only bring out the best in me and my capabilities. You see, the thing is we all want something out of life.

We all want to be awesome. We want to reach our fullest potential. And it’s absolutely easy to make the decision to want that. The difficult part is maintaining and acting out on that decision. And with life always throwing curve balls at us it can become quite easy to be distracted from our path, from our goals, from our greatness.

And sometimes we don’t even realize it until we are just about to tip over the edge, and scramble to get everything back in place. But how do you ensure that you curb your limiting beliefs? I will share with you 2 things that you can actively do in order to start today.

First Tip – Making The Decision That I Wanted To Change My Life.

Yes, as cliche as it sounds, everything we have done, earned, and achieved started with the decision to do it. And because we were adamant about it, that ensured its full manifestation. That’s the secret ingredient. Being adamant and firm on that decision.

I speak about our motivation drivers all the time. What is it that makes us do what we do? What is it that makes us set specific goals? However, one of the most important aspects I’ve learned is that if you embark upon something because you aren’t fully embracing or ready for it, at some point you will fall off.

The same goes for changing your mindset. If you aren’t ready to accept that change “which is a dynamic change by the way”, you will stray. You will be easily influenced by the distractions to fall back to where you initially were, which brings me to the second point. Actions.

Second Tip – Actioning Out My Decision.

Of course, getting to the level you want to requires much more than making a decision. Much much more than making a decision. In order to get momentum going action is required. But sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start.

For mindset growth, I believe that it’s a slow process, it doesn’t happen overnight; which is why you need to map out a process. A few pointers:

Start Small.

Start infusing small amounts of mindset-shifting content into your life every single day. This could be in the form of motivational podcasts, reading 1 book a month or two, or following an inspiring channel or content creator.

By starting small, you set the pace for your mind to accept the change. Imagine being a negative Nancy for 10 years and 1 day you go ham on personal development books, CDs, courses, etc.

That’s a huge leap, right? And making such a dynamic change can lead to burnout, overwhelm, and giving up.

Start Incorporating More.

When you have set the stage for your mindset growth, it becomes easier to embrace more change. This is the stage where you will become fully embracing of your greatness.

At this point, you can start a transformational course, and start journaling your growth, your change, your needs, and your goals. You can start reading more books, and educating yourself more about changing your mindset, eliminating limiting beliefs, and then some.

At that stage, you become to be fully aware of what you want out of life.

Thinking Big.

This is my favorite phase because it really puts things into perspective. It makes you realize that you are growing and you are capable of much more than you allow yourself to believe.

I believe that at some point during our mindset transformation, we must make a second decision. A decision to leap into things we are afraid of. A decision to launch into an avenue we have been wanting to take for a while, but we just weren’t ready.

With a strong mindset coupled with journaling, actively engaging, and educating yourself, this is the stage where you begin to make your dreams happen.

When you begin to embrace your greatness. Where you begin to see what you can really achieve in life and your business, because (1) YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE LEFT BEHIND and (2) YOU HAVE AWAKENED THE INNER LION IN YOU. And of course, letting it go to waste is not an option.

You see,  it’s ok to be afraid of the unknown. But at some point, we need to be brave enough to step outside of our comfort zones and do something drastically good for ourselves.

Take charge of our lives and it’s direction. Not only for our sanity but also in order to live an abundant life.

Here’s a question for you, what’s one thing you really wanted to do this year, and what kept you back?

I’m sure most of you will say that you probably were afraid, you lacked finances, etc. But the reality is, these are excuses. Harsh but true.

They’re excuses because if you really set your mind to working on that decision and manifesting that goal, you would be further than where you currently still are. No greatness happens overnight.

We have to be resourceful, learn, grow, and work with what we have until more becomes available. And even believing that requires mindset work.

 Take Away

The bright side of the situation is that…you can start right now. Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg hitting that reset button when you’re completely over it; whether in your life, career or business.

When you’re sensing a quarter-life crisis coming up and the fear starts to kick into high gear. When you’re fearing oh dear….did I miss out on my life trying to please everyone else with an outside persona, there will always be a way to find your way back to that path.

And personally, I believe that they fall under 4 pillars “Mindset, Attitude, Presence & Support” which can be expanded so much wider if you would love to create lasting change in your life. I welcome you to share your biggest takeaway in the community below and of course, there is always a fellow lady who is currently searching for a solution, so don’t hesitate to share.

Until next time love xx Bisous


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