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How to start a blog , start a blog in 8 steps, How to Create a Blogging Niche and Stand Out in a Crowded Market

How to start a blog in 2023 – 5 easy steps!

Jan 22

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It could seem challenging and scary to start a blog in 2023, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can set up your blog in a day with the proper tools and some planning. This article will walk you through starting a blog in one day, from selecting a topic to publishing your website.

Why You Should Start A Blog

The blogging industry has come a long way, yet it can appear that blogging is dying with the rise of social media apps and video content platforms. It’s not. There are various benefits that blogging can offer, such as a second source of income, a platform for personal expression and confidence-building, or, if you represent a company, a method of connecting with your target customers.

A blog is essentially collateral since you own it to some extent. Your blog is the one thing you have complete control over, or, let’s say, 99% control, unlike social networking platforms, which can delete or suspend your account unsuspectingly. You can establish a free blog or a paid blog; however, as this post is about growing a paid blog, that is what we will focus on today.

My Journey As A Blogger

I started writing blogs in 2007. I needed a place to vent because I was stressed and starting my A-levels after finishing secondary school. I had no idea that anyone else was viewing or reading it. I’ve created a few blogs throughout the years, ranging from lifestyle blogs to personal journals. Along the road, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a few brands, but until now, I’ve never given it my full attention as a business.

Growing a blog takes time, and if you want to make money from it, you’ll need to go through some more processes and have a lot of patience.

Let’s dive in to the steps to starting your blog in one day

Step 1: Choose Your Blog Topic

Deciding on a blog topic is the first step in starting your blog. Your chosen topic will be the basis for your blog’s content. I’m pretty sure you are multi-passionate and would love to write about various topics, but pick one theme. That could include, for instance, finance, marketing, technology, and lifestyle. That will help with focus and developing authority, and you can create subtopics within that theme. Consider a topic that you will enjoy writing about in the long run. You might even decide on a topic related to your area of expertise. For instance, until recently, I concentrated solely on my passions before including my profession and education as a new focus.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are a few niche topics I love:

  • Food
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Personal Development
  • Finance and investing,
  • Marketing, social media, branding
  • Blogging tips
  • Travel and leisure
  • Photography
  • Parenting or Mom blogs
  • Health, fitness and nutrition
  • Education
  • DIY & crafts
  • Home décor

Did any of these spark a light bulb?

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name “Your Address”

Now that you’ve decided on your blog topic, choose a domain name. A domain name is a URL or link you will share for readers to visit your blog. You can choose a name that is related to your topic of choice or use your name. Make sure it’s easy to remember and spell. You can purchase a domain name from a registrar such as GoDaddy or NameCheap. Remember to consider SEO when choosing your domain name, but you can always boost your SEO with your blog content. Your domain name can cost as little at $2.99 to $18 or more.

Step 3: Choose Your Content Management System

This is where your blog lives. The next step after selecting your blog topic is to choose a blogging platform. There are many platforms available, including Squarespace, Blogger, and WordPress. Once more, if you don’t have the money to pay for hosting, you can use the Blogger platform to get started. However, keep in mind that you’ll eventually want to upgrade.

With a free blog you are limited or can’t:

  • Install and use plugins 
  • Use ads to make money from your blog
  • Open an online store next to your blog
  • Customize those themes, and you CAN’T upload a theme you purchased
  • You can’t create a membership site 
  • And more…

The most popular blogging platform has low startup costs for hosting and theme customization. You have several beautiful theme options from reputable retailers like 17th Avenue, Pigdig, Etsy, or WordPress. Although you will have to pay for hosting and a domain name, it is also free to use and is used by over 90% of blogs worldwide. Also, don’t confuse with They are different and will cost you lost time.

I suggest ShowIt, which I use if you’re more design and tech-savvy and want to make a unique design or layout for your blog. Even if it’s a little pricey, you get to use the platform as your content management system with ShowIt, and you can stand out even more. Additionally, their developer team will do all the WordPress setting on your behalf.

Step 4. Choose Your Host

For hosting, you can choose from several hosting providers if you opt to utilize WordPress, including Godaddy, Siteground, ShowIt and Bluehost. A hosting provider makes your blog available to the general public. Although I have used BlueHost, I didn’t have time for the learning curve and initial time-consuming setup and lag in setting up.

For your first year, hosting on these platforms can cost as little as $2.95 per month if paid annually, and then prices go up to $18.99 or more after renewal. Before purchasing hosting from any provider, please read the terms and conditions and decide what support you require, including customer support and uptime. Regular blog hosting for ShowIt starts at $24 for the basic blog, but if you want to incorporate coding and javascript, I suggest the advanced blog, which costs $39 per month.

Once more, you select after deciding what your must-haves are. PS: This link will give you a free month of hosting from ShowIt.

Step 4: Set up your blog

Once you’ve gotten your blog topic, domain name, and hosting and purchased your theme, you’re ready to set up your blog. This part will be the most time-consuming part of starting, so set aside time to focus on it. If you’re using BlueHost or Showit, here are some great videos on the setup process on Showit and BlueHost. You can also follow the easy-to-follow instructions outlined on BlueHost’s website for installing WordPress, setting it up and publishing.

If you decide to use ShowIt, register on the portal, choose a free theme from ShowIt’s design portal and customize the information like your blog name, blog name, about you, contact information, etc. When you’re ready to go live, submit your request to the developers in the chat section. Your blog was developed on by ShowIt’s team in less than 24 hours. Your username and password will be emailed to you at the same time. Don’t forget to customize the SEO, page titles, and categories in the WordPress and Showit back end.

Step 5: Write Your First Blog Posts

All you need to do now is write your first blog post and hit publish. I recommend having at least five posts before going live to allow readers to spend some time on your site. If you only have one post, they will most likely opt out of the page after reading it. If you have other content available, like on TikTok or YouTube, this could be an alternative way to connect with them further. Make sure that your posts are informative, entertaining, and/or engaging. And lastly, don’t forget to promote your content everywhere!

In conclusion, setting up a blog need not be a challenging or drawn-out procedure. You can have your blog up in only one day. Remember, it’s crucial to pick a subject that interests you or in which you have knowledge. Select a blogging platform, a domain name, and a hosting company that checks the right boxes, and then set up your blog. Don’t stress yourself out when creating your first blog article, be sure to share your blog. You’ll get better at it and eventually master it.


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